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Fun with Roleplaying!
So I'm bored and love RPGs and roleplaying in general, so I decided to start a community game and see how well it does. Coupla ground rules: You only play one character, that being your alternate self (For example, I am Captain Maximilien Morris, commander of a small frigate in the Arkarus Star Corps), introduce your character if you post for the first time or haven't posted in a while, and don't kill anyone. Injuring and maiming are fine, you can do anything as long as they can recover (and if there's a firefight or duel or something, don't just go "I stab him and win", give them a friggin chance). So, here goes.

Captain Morris has recently been promoted to captain and given his first ship that he commands. He has put up ads trying to recruit/hire some crew to go on an expeditionary trip to Zerthef, a planet rich in minerals but relatively unexplored. On the day that his ads said to be at the recruitment station, he went down and took a look at the small crowd that had gathered. He liked the size, albeit larger than he needed it to be, since it meant he'd probably fill up. He sat down at the bench and started taking people, one at a time. The first few people in line were... (GO!)
Side note, am I allowed to be Roka? I doubt so, right?
Uh, sure? I actually have no idea who/what he/she/that is, so can u pls explains?
Ok I am going to be Stuart (my character has just came out of pilot school and is in need of a job)

Stuart was walking down the street as he saw an ad for an expedition to Zerthef. Since he needed a job and it looked like they needed a pilot, he decided to apply. When he went to the location, not many people were there. He felt like he had a excellent chance to get the job!

Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
Cpt. Morris looks over Stuart's specifications, decides they don't suck, and welcomes Stuart to the crew of the A.S.C. Pompeii! He was the first person to be given a job as of yet, and Cpt. Morris hopes there will be more applicants who meet the requirements.
Stuart was so excited that he got his first job as a pilot! He cannot wait to show off his dope skills! Stuart went home for the day to rest up before he had to leave for his expedition. He got home to his small futon, his large mini-fridge and his stiff, yet comfy bed. As he dosed off, the hours passed by until he woke up by the sharp noise of his alarm clock. He was ready for whatever life threw at him today!
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
Suddenly, there was a knock. Then again. The sound was coming from the door, so Stuart stood up and opened it, wondering why he hadnt heared the doorbell. Before him was a mid-sized nice-looking woman looking as if she were in her mid 30s. Stuart put her at her early 40s.

"Hi, I'm Roka. I need your help, can I come in?"


**OOC**: where is this story set, the galaxy in turmoil universe, any kind of Sci fi universe....?


**Disclaimer (OOC too)**: Albeit Roka is the/a main character within git (for singleplayer) I do not want to leak too much, nor do I want to worry about leaking too much. It's **just coincidence** that my character has the same name (Roka) and gender (female) as the Galaxy in turmoil character.
@GUENSTIG_WERBEN#12803 The Story is set in a generic, non-descript sci-fi universe. It can be anyone you want, be it Star Wars, Star Trek, GiT, or Mass Effect.

For now, we can say it's GiT up until we break something. That being said, we also don't know any of the factions or races, so yeah. I'm putting Roka down as Security Chief, you cool with that?
> @lordofthemax#12807 I'm putting Roka down as Security Chief, you cool with that?

**OOC:** Uhm sure...
IC: haven't really introduced myself, it's @CharvaD's turn
Stuart was confused why this lady, Roka, needed help. So Stuart let her in and first asked her, "Who are you and why are you here?" Roka stated again that she needed help with something.
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue