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Fun with Roleplaying!
After having hired the rest of his needed crew, Max sends out messages to everyone he hired informing them that takeoff is the next day.

**OOC:** ANYONE WHO WANTS TO JOIN LATER CAN. Just give a brief introduction of your character please. Thanks.
Stuart walked out the door that Roka had opened. Stuart thought to himself, "why am i trusting this person never met?! I could ditch her right now and make it to captain Morris' ship right now." Stuart decided to stay with her for now. He then asked her, "Where are we going?"
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As if she were reading Stuart's thoughts, Roka answered "you said you signed up for a crew, that implies a ship. This way." she turned right.

"That's not the right way to the docks"......... *(continue here)*
OOC: do you want my character to continue there?
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
OOC: or did you want to start there?
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
OOC: yes. I did want you to continue. Sorry, if that wasn't clear
OOC: ok cool, no problem! :-)

Stuart decided to keep following her. Stuart realized that roka went right instead left. "excuse me, the ship is the other way." no reply "hey! its the other way." still no reply. Stuart was getting annoyed and he chose to follow her and see what she was going to do.
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
Stupid guy, she thought, and turned sharp heading for the elevators. She picked an empty one and told the elevator "docks; supply level. Authorization: chief roka". The elevator responded "permission denied. Reporting this incident......" Roka kicked against a wall and said again "Authorization: chief roka". The doors closed with a *ding*, then the elevator started moving upwards.
As stuart saw roka's authorization become denied, he said, "Shouldn't you be careful using your commands? can't your deputy track you that way???"

OOC: i am guessing that the supply level is where the ship is? or is there something else there?
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
OOC: I'd guess supply level is below or above the hangar, where the wheel tech is being done, where you fuel up your ship, etc......

"Oh don't worry about that. He has no idea that we are here. And even if he had, no way to get there before us."


The elevator made a *bing* again, the doors opened and they were looking at two heavily armed guards holding them at gunpoint. "You are under arrest, both of you. Drop any weapons you are carrying." one of them said.

OOC: @lordofthemax you asked for some appearance, now is your choice to come and save us or let is get arrested there. Enter captain morris!