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Fun with Roleplaying!
Sorry to confuse you, Roka said, you probably never heared from me because I was secret service chief on this station. Otherwise I would have no chance in escaping my deputy. He said I committed treason, while I was just following secret orders. I need your help to get out of this station; I need a pilot. Will you help me?
I want to play but I'm not a beta tester
**OOC:** Sorry, didn't understand that Roka wasn't signed up as crew. Scratch was I said about security earlier.
**OOC** screw it, Roka is now secret service chief Smile @lordofthemax#12897
Stuart, stood there, slightly confused. "Ok," he said, "but i need money if i do this. i was just about to join a crew. If I do this, it needs to be a lot of money, ok? And how do you know I'm a pilot?"

**OOC:** Sorry it took me awhile to respond. :/
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
Roka just smiled. "Did I say I was secret service chief? And money shouldn't matter, we can sell captain morris' ship afterwards too. Are you in?"
**OOC:** Thanks for the vote of confidence regarding my survival of this trip :/
OOC: @lordofthemax#13035 you lack confidence! I mean we could also find you in your ship, stun you and then take off..... Just one version
Stuart was hesitant at first, but against his conscious, he agreed. "I'll do it. will I be in trouble with the law after we have completed whatever we are doing?"
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
"That entirely depends on which laws you are applying Smile" Roka said and opened the door "After you!"