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Hi i had an idea for a scifi fantasy video game series and i would like to share it with you guys.
It starts in the 22nd century where the earth is on the brink of destruction, (pollution, nuclear warfare, overpopulation, low food,etc). And most of the animal and plant species on the planet have become extinct. But a young scientist wanted to try and bring these animals back so she started a program called the ARK project. A giant space station with a collection of multiple habitats for animals and plants that were cloned using archived DNA called the Extinct vessel. Its purpose is to create a sustainable wildlife population to be released and help bring a balanced ecosystem back. She spent over 50 years on the project but a mysterious plague was released on earth only effecting humans and wiping out more than 90 percent of all human life on the planet. The remaining wealthy humans fled the planet leaving many of the poor behind to die. The scientist tried to save as many as she could but became infected as well as herself. Realizing her time was short she worried what would happen to her animals. She did one final test and discovered that the virus only effected humans and that the animals were immune to it, in fact it actually seemed to make them stronger and smarter. In her final act she activated the launch program returning the animals to earth to repopulate the earth. What she did not know that over the course of over 200'00 years the animals and plants would mutate and become sentient, stronger, and more human like. Until eventually they would rule the planet. The humans in this time would be force to colonize a barely habitable world in an attempt to survive. The people became increasingly dependent on corporations and leaders for survival since they had nowhere else to go and could no longer creating things for themselves. Humanity would become a cyberpunk civilization obsessed with technology, and enhancments advertised by corporations to make them better but those who could not afford increased life spans, or any thing for that matter would become outcast and live in slums. Humans would eventually return to the Earth once realizing it had restored itself to reclaim it but to their surprise new people had taken over while they were away. Thus starting conflict between The Humans (still have not come up with a name yet.) and the 12 nations of animals, forest, ocean, deep sea, north pole, south pole volcano, jungle, savanna, desert, swamp, marshland tropics, nocturnal, and even a small group of rebels who had taken the scientist who sacrificed herself thousands of years ago so that earth could live again and taken her as their idol creating an rebellion organization known as the heralds of Gaia. So that is the premise of the Extinct vessel world.
feel free to leave a comment on what you thought and ill give more Intel about the lore, species, humans, tech, etc. later with some rough concept arts ive been working on ( im sill learning but i think they are ok enough) hope you enjoy a few concept images for the extinct vessel and heralds of Gaia





I call him the Forest monolith
His special abilities are
Sap spit
Spike throw
Ramming charge

I like your idea
The picture with the helmets, one of them looks like starlords helmet from guardians of the galaxy, really cool idea btw! I really like your drawings and game idea!
May the force be with you.
I really like your drawings!
So what are you planning to do about your game idea
I think i might either turn it into a video game or movie