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I have had this crazy idea going in my head about what if an app instead of this website. I am often on my phone going through snapchat, twitter and all sort of internet stuff and I don't often come to this website anymore, because I mostly I forget about it and I don't want to. I was active much more before and so was others on here when this website went up and there was all sorts of questions people had and I hope FrontWire take this idea and think over it.

[/B] My Reasons For Why [/B]
1. It would be a bit easier
2. More people would be active

I will do my best to stay active, peace out!
@Snack#7852 I'm sure they'll listen. It's not like they're former EA presidents or something.
Developing an App would take a ton of time and resources. The very resources that are dedicated to making GiT at the moment.

That being said, all of our sites are (or should be) mobile-friendly. So just save the page to your homescreen on your phone and it will look like an app-icon and you should then be able to launch directly to our site. Smile
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@Fergie#7863 Oh, I will try that then. Thanks
And, snack, making an app solely for this forum would take very long and would even be worse than the website.... But you can put the link on your home screen Wink
Well, not sure if it mobile friendly. It doesn't need to be an app in order it work on phones!
Manners Maketh Man
It's not too mobile friendly Memtrix
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(05-13-2017, 02:15 AM)mrpood Wrote: It's not too mobile friendly Memtrix

Well then maybe that could be another step, I'l contact the german name guy who I can't spell his name right
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I don't think anyone can spell it kek and maybe an app just for your GiT stats.
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I don't think it's necessary to have a app period.
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