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Darkness - Fan Made Teaser
I changed the title..So yes...I did re-upload!

So I had the day off and decided to make this from the various pieces of footage we've been given on GiT. Hope you enjoy! If it looks like it drops quality at random intervals it's because it does. (Because some of the footage we've been given wasn't the same aspect ratio as mine etc etc). I really had to scrape the bottom of the jam jar for this video!  All the voices were done by me as well...Guess I just needed this to help strengthen my portfolioBig Grin The voice at the beginning is not supposed to be anyone in particular, just to sound like a bad guy! And the second voice is supposed to be a clone based off of the Clone Wars series!

It's all pretty basic stuff. Basic edits. Fade ins fade outs. The tougher stuff was the voice acting. And changing from my bad guy accent to the clone accent. On my first few attempts I ended up with a bad guy clone. But meh. Hopefully the FrontWire team won't eat me alive for stealing their clips without perms, but if need be I will remove the video from the internet.  

I'd like to hear your opinions. Truthfully please! Tell me what I need to improve on! Obviously take into account that I was limited on supplies as I don't have access to the game:'D

Enjoy mi amigos!

GiT Fan Made Teaser Trailer Evaluation

So my aim for the trailer was to create a world that felt immersive. Although with the limited resources that began to seem like an unrealistic goal. The only ‘completed’ enviroment clips that I had access to were of hoth and I didn’t want to bother the FrontWire team from their important dev work to see if they could send me any more footage of a ship or environment.

The first step I took was to sort of look for music. I had two options. Pick royalty free music or choose a track from the Star Wars OST. Over time I realised that none of the royalty free music that I had available to me really sparked the same emotions as the Star Wars OST did. So I eventually settled on a piece adequately named ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Official Trailer Music’. Which so happened to be composed by John Williams, with additional composition and arrangement by John Samuel Hanson and Frederick Lloyd. It was the piece used for the original episode seven trailer, which I sort of wanted to avoid using because it’s mainstream and many people have used it which could equate to people being bored of the piece or thinking the teaser is the same as all the rest of the codswallop that you can find on YouTube. How ever using this piece allowed me to create a story in my head and envision the trailer.

The second step was actually writing the lines for the various characters speaking in the trailer. I wanted to retain a dramatic effect whilst keeping meaning to the words. Often times writing can be made very dramatic but the words themselves have no relation to the video or meaning to what so ever.

Editing the trailer was done by collecting source videos from YouTube and removing their sound. I synced it relative to the music in the background. All fairly simple techniques were used and the entire thing was created on Premier Pro. I used fade ins from black and fade outs to black to create a dramatic effect whilst keeping the trailer moving at a slow pace. I rarely used cross-fades how ever in places where I did it was often to slow the pace down without having to fade to black and stop it completely. Clips that either cut to the next video clip or cut to black were used in place to make the trailer move forward and become a lot more exciting than it once was. It offers a lot of contrast to the start of the video where there was once maybe 1-2 clips per second there’s now 3-4 matching the quick rhythm in the background.

Once I was happy with the now edited trailer. I went on to record and edit the voices to play along with the music. For the ‘bad guy’ voice I used a Palpatine accent which was originally quite high pitched (in terms of the final product). I then stretched and lowered the pitch of my voice and compressed it for studio voice acting. This made the sound wave’s height remain relatively the same height all the way through the wavelength. To make the clone voice I had to quickly learn how to do a New Zealand accent but I couldn’t quite grasp it so I tried to do a numbed South African accent. I then applied the telephone voice effect and changed the dynamic range to meet my requirements of a cloney sounding voice. Once done I exported it as MP3 (Over WAV for file size purposes), and added it to my video.
The final product was rendered as H.264 and uploaded to YouTube. To make the thumbnail I took an image posted for Steam by FrontWire and used Photoshop to make it fit the standard YouTube thumbnail aspect ratio 16:9.
@Delta#1399 Dude this is badass man...very cool video. I like it. Keep it up man..great work.
@warpigs99#1423 Thank you very much! Of coarse all support is welcome:'D
- Love Delta
@StefHu Delta made a very badass trailer, with voice over and everything. Frontwire has their official one but Delta's is just as good. Check it out Smile im sure youll like it.
Yes it's a really nice Trailer
But where did you get the Alderan Gameplay?
@StefHu#1564 yeah I was actually wondering about that too lol were did you find it @Delta
**epic slow clap** Great job! Definitely got me even more hyped for the game!
@warpigs99#1563 Wooh! Thanks! I'm really psyched for them bringing out more game play in the future so I can make one that's ... A little more full of contentBig Grin
@warpigs99#1581 @StefHu#1564 I actually stole it from an interview @Fergie had with IamPattyJack
@SuperStarvingW#1589 Good to see that it did its jobBig Grin !!!