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How long is the average ticket center response time?
This post could potentially benefit many people, along with myself, so I didn't hesitate to create such a post. I am just curious to know. How long is the average response time that I should wait for when using the support center?
Or in the case where average can't be applied how long should we wait for a response time? Personally i've only had a ticket up since 5th of June GMT but began to get curious enough to ask for the people as well as myself!

Thanks in advance.
@Delta#1174 Ticket responses are generally less than 24 hours. Can you please provide me with your ticket number? I'll make sure it didn't fall through the cracks.
Useful Links: Support Center | Server Status | Community Guidelines
@Fergie#1175 I think this is it #GiT-213601
Thank youu!
Patience is a virtue!
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Ticket for what there is no game yet