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Star Wars
2 22.22%
Galaxy in Turmoil
7 77.78%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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EA down! So back to the Star Wars Route?
As you can see I was wondering wether or not it's possible to go back to the Star Wars theme after EA lost rights to Star Wars from Disney? I personally wouldn't mind a new universe since it even gives the game makers the freedom of adding new content any time. However I made some of my friends take a look at the game and they said it would've been cooler if it played in the Star Wars Universe instead. I get their feelings about that as well. And I have the worry that people will lose interest in this game because it isn't Star Wars. Or another way to put it: If it was Star Wars many people would become more interested in the game.
That's about all I had in mind I guess.
With much love from Germany,
one of your new found Fans.
With Galaxy In Turmoil there is more room for creativity, you have an entirely new universe where Frontwire could create something truly unique and perhaps even start a legacy with this game assuming it wont end up like half life 3. There's also the fact that if they go back to Star Wars they will have to re skin the game again witch took a year the first time when EA wanted Star Wars: Galaxy In Turmoil to stop.
Additionally, tho it is my most personal opinion, I think the whole story around Star wars is becoming less and less interesting. We have a super cool story lined up, but especially with the new + the already planned Star wars movies star wars is an even lengthier storyline.... That on one hand defines what one can use in one's own story, and on the other hand we can't just copy paste and alter the names *erm, looking at you Disney*
Agreed, the new star wars suck. A new genre is refreshing, original, and adds so much more in the way of creativity.
Manners Maketh Man
star wars is using past legacy to get a better opening but it can't deliver. such a waste of opportunity. they had all the money to do it, unlike the indies. GiT on its own will do better, because following the SW path is like as if we can't make our own, then we want to be shadowed by the success of other things. nein