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How will cheat/hacking supervision be administered?
I do hate to ask this but in due time, it will need to be addressed in my earnest, best intentions in mind -f2p games unfortunately are a target for unethical hackers.

Of course, we do not expect the devs to lay down all the cards but do share with us what you guys can.

Will there be a report system ingame? Some previous games require us to email a video recording - i don't know if that is the best.
Will there be an autodetector for far too accurate, consecutive kills?

Another interesting note is, for a game like Overwatch, hacking may be easier detected whereas games like CSGO is  far too complicating and requres a great ordeal of examination, so I wonder if GiT takes the earlier method, since its a 3rd person shooter - that its engine just makes things easier to detect a cheater.

Once banned, can a player just create a new steam account to join?
Player profiles, stats are all server based right? that means, no one can edit the local files to improvise anything in the online server.

Although a report system is definitely something to consider, I am always a little sceptical about automatic detection, especially those working with game stats.

Currently, things are linked to your fws account, but we may add some more restrictions or logic on our servers to prevent cheating.