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Evolve: Stage 2 [is cherished]
Hi there, 

anybody here played Evolve: Stage 2 before? 

I'm thinking of playing it again.

4vs1 monster. 
Great worldly theme, very different kind of excitement from the normal FPS games. 

Same devs of L4D made it. I'm a massive fan of L4D. 
It was a paid game to become F2P. It had a lot of challenges from being a small indie team. I actually wrote a comprehensive guide to help generate player flow but it was not good enough then.

Here is the guide:

Come to think of it, I want to be able to write a proper guide for GiT too, like a similarly comprehensive one. Though I wonder if it's necessary because it should look quite self explanatory and direct. Let's see how it is, when the trailer and demo come out.

For rest of you here who want to play Evolve again, feel free to add me.