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Game Mode
Is there going to be an "Every Person for Themselves" mode? it could be where there is only one faction on a map, but everyone is trying to kill everyone else. It could be done in both single player and multi player modes. The winner would be the one who had the highest kill/death ratio, with awards for most kills total and least deaths total. For example, the person who got, say, 50 kills, but died 50 times, would get the most kills award, but that is still a kill/death ratio of 1. Meanwhile, the person who got 30 kills but only died 5 times, didn't get as many kills, but would be much higher up in the listings, with a kill/death ratio of 6.
So free for all? I dont think the game is designed for that sort of game play so I doubt that will be a thing...
I mean that's pretty standard nowadays
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why would we want a free for all gameplay? there are so many games like that. and that kind of setting is mostly back to camper's style cod. there are so many battle royale games too. tdm is better
If you don't like it you can just not play it.
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(10-03-2017, 02:51 PM)mrpood Wrote: If you don't like it you can just not play it.

Tell me why does PUBG not have a respawn system in their 100 player battle royale?
Even if they can, but why not?

Tell me why didn't CSGO implement a free for all as an official mode, but they retain their 5vs5 competitive as their most popular mode ?

Likewise, Overwatch, it is 6vs6 competitive as their most popular mode. Overwatch does have free for all, but it is just arcade mode to a limit of 8 players.

PUBG and CSGO are the most popular FPS in the market now, why didn't they want a free for all? 

oh community servers have free for all? 
Have you played CSGO free for all, 30 players in dust2 - its crazy, so 50 players dying and respawning constantly, no, i don't think its a good idea.

But once again, with valve and PUBG infinite resources, they still didn't implement free for all as an official mode, this is my point.
This is an indie team without infinite resources, they should focus their resources more carefully and what makes their most popular mode, which is 32vs32 TDM. not many games on PC has 32vs32, and this is f2p.
Servers are limited.

CSGO and PUBG don't make free for all even if they can because it will discredit their most popular mode. 
Also, it makes their 100 player free for all feels casual, with no longer the tension and excitement, which may backfire their battle royale mode. 
If you want to make a brand, you do stuff to make your brand better not discredit your brand, do you think Prada or Chanel should start selling cheeseburgers? even if there is a market. 

"if you don't like it you can just not play it" ? Well not really, if I didn't like GiT, i wouldn't have cared.

Additionally, free for all with respawn gameplays are usually frustrating, the ideal way to play it is Unreal Tournament / arena shooter style where you have a route to collect items and kill on the way.
But the engine of GiT and many popular games limit such movements, therefore it is just a camper's background, and there are so many variables in free for all, i'd rather do a face to face combat than a game about backstabbing and killing when opponents are weak. That's how you play free for all.