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Planetary Invasion Mode
This was an old idea I posted on the old GiT formal at least a year ago now. I wanna bring it back, because it is a good idea (assuming it isn't already being implemented).

To take full advantage of the space-ground-space system, I think a mode specifically designed for crossing the atmosphere would be a huge bonus for GiT.

Planetary Invasion Mode would pit both sides against each other; one attacker, one defender. The defenders will be based on the planet and attempt to defend it, whilst the attackers will start out in space with an invasion fleet (including at least 1 carrier).

DEFENDERS: At the start of the match, the Defenders will have time to prepare defences before the invaders arrive (NOTE: The amount of time can be changed in an advanced option. The defenders could be given no time and the attackers just instantly warp into orbit, as if in a surprise attack). They can go around the planet, set up turrets, traps, mini bases, etc. They could even pre-emptively fly into space in preparation for the enemy fleet.

ATTACKERS: As the defenders set up (assuming they are given time to prepare), the defenders will wait in their ships in warp. They can use that time to refine strategies, get into ships, etc. Once prep time is over, their fleet will warp into orbit of the planet, and the battle will begin. The attackers will then fly out in fighters, bombers, and troop transports. Transporting soldiers to the surface will be especially important in order to gain a foot hold on the planet. Some drop ships may be automatically driven by AI Pilots (if enabled in map options) in order to have drop ships regularly available for troop deployment.

Also, there will be no set capture points (read my "The Spawning System: A Fresh Take" for why (or maybe capture points can be toggled in the map options; more variety is better :-) )). Instead, places that need capturing and defending will be entirely decided by the attackers and defenders, making the game much more realistic compared to static capture points. To counter the possible drag of constantly dying and needing a troop transport to the surface, two options are available; A: Drop pods (also mentioned in my spawn system post), and a special teleporter that engineers can build between the fleet and the surface. However, drop pods will only be able to drop within the proximity of friendly structures, and teleporters will be time consuming to build, so make sure they are very well defended. Drop ships will still be useful for advancing the line should the battle become a stalemate on the ground.

Tell us what you think people! Especially the devs.
A similar idea has been implemented into the game and is more like a rush game mode and it is literally called invasion.
Hopefully it's similar to what I've described. If not, I'd still like my idea to be considered.
The shell of it is there, its more like rush but it starts by invading the planetary surface but I think it is a multi stage mode and I dont think you get prep time.