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the state of the demo
Hi Guys!

first of all, my compliments on making this game what it is! i absolutely love the concept and everything surrounding this game!

second of all, since it is Q3 allready, is there a specific release date for the demo? (not trying to force anything, just asking)


a big fan
Me as fan wonders that too.
Theres no official exact date release on the demo.
But I think it's getting closer of course. Reason why they say Q3 is because it's btw these months July and September. So I would say that patience is the best answer right now. Also check out this thread if u haven't already.

And last but not least, by the time the game is developing. Make sure to join FWS Official Discord server if you haven't already, there's definitely some dank and funny moment over there.
My GiT opinion?

*Click sound*

The thread is over 2 months old, no updates since then.
Manners Maketh Man
what more answers do you need?
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Game development takes a long time. There's still a long time left in Q3. Just be patient.