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Spawning System: A Fresh Take
It's been close to a year since I've posted here, and that was when this was still the Star Wars remake; glad to be back (I made suggestions for the Commander Mode and the Planetary Invasion Mode).

I've had a problem with shooter war games for years now. The whole spawning concept is just off. Think; you're capturing an enemy command post, and after all the hard work it took for you to get there, an enemy materialises from thin air and destroys you. The only reason why spawning in FPS/war games is what it is, is because it's too much of a chore for players to be forced to march all the way back to their last position from their back-most base; and that's a completely legitimate concern.

What I propose, however, is what I think to be a much better solution to this; one that dodges the inconvenience of walking all the way back to your last area, whilst giving attackers a fair chance to, well, attack, without the fear of enemies magically appearing in front of them, since they could see the enemy coming with enough field awareness.

My idea is as follows:

1: There is only one "spawn point", where players appear in the game, and that's their main base.
2: There are no set capture points in the field to take and spawn from. Rather, players control a vehicle, for example, which they take to a desired location on the front line, and then unload into a small forward command post (there are more ways of doing this than just a vehicle). The mobile base then appears on the team's map once it is put online, and can act as an ammo-depo, vehicle drop-point, and communications post (more on that last one in another post). When this happens, players who spawn at the main base can choose to be automatically spawned in an ai-controlled drop ship, which then takes them to the desired command post. 
The base can then be either destroyed or captured by the enemy, adding even greater strategic diversity than fixed spawn points.
3: SIDE NOTE: For immersion's sake, there could be a mode that limits vehicle and ammo supplies like in a real war. In this case, losing enough dropships will cause them to run out, forcing players to carefully plan their moves when they go back out.
4: Another method of quick deployment to forward bases would be an ODST style orbital drop. This would be an available option if the team has at least a carrier or flagship in space, which can act as another main base (this would also be the case for the attackers in the planetary invasion mode).

Of course, for the sake of player freedom, I would propose this as an option on top of existing instant-spawn point systems. Regardless, I believe this is a great remedy to an often overlooked problem in shooters.

Tell us your thoughts people, I wanna hear em. Keep an eye out for more posts by me, as I'll be suggesting more features later.
This is a great idea.
very interesting topic, i didn't realize the issue you brought up could be annoying.
what do you think about an incap / revive feature?

instead of a player dying, it just leaves him/her immobile for a short period until someone arrives to aid the player up to feet. or the player can choose to just decease.

another opinion of mine is to differentiate the game mode map's size to a very big difference.
remember the planetside 2's trailer?

we know planetside 2 map is super large, but the idea of a video like that, it requires a lot of players to be close by. I know GIT's goal is to create a havoc space themed shooter, so all players need to be in close proximity, so it feels crazier.
capture various points in the map sounds like a good idea to me, like Day of Infamy's game modes although you suggested no set capture points.

so instead my suggestion is game map's size and a small game mode idea.

Foot Game Mode
a small sized map but large enough for soldiers to spread out.
can't have fast vehicles in this map but slower ones, maybe some tanks or jump jets.

Please take a look at Unreal Tournament 3 Warfare game mode. This is important.
They have many maps of different sizes, a lot can be learned here and a lot can be improved. For one, it was really, really fun then but the crowd was little. It had a very good balance of vehicles in the map, including fast ones and slow territorial ones, and also some have base turrets.
i just randomly searched, this is a video showing 1 of the warfare UT3 game mode, with set capture points and nodes to deliver, but the point I want to show is the map size, this is a good rough scale of it, maybe just make one tiny bit larger. the video is 16vs16,
imagine how crazy it would be with 32vs32

--So a small map game mode capture points, 32vs32

Large Aerial Game mode
--a very large map, about 10 or 20 times the Foot Game mode
This game mode works as 2 large motherships vs each other. The map could be hovering over a plot of land or even in space.

Each mothership is very slow and has to travel a certain distance. This shows the game progression, as both motherships will eventually meet head on and fight like battleships.
The player spawn location here is in the mothership.
The start game goal is for players to slow down the enemies' mothership by using various small vehicles spawned from either mothership or smaller captured bases on ground level. And motherships should have their own player controlled turrets. Enemies need to destroy certain parts of the ship for different purposes, maybe a shield barrier or rocket thruster.

The vehicles should have different sizes and different amount of seats. So both teams will go attack the opponent's motherships and also minion vehicles.

A 32 vs 32 game mode will be very epic this scale, lots of lasers flying all over the place.
The more players slow down the enemy's mothership, the faster it can advance its own mothership without intereference.
So game mode in this map size is mostly in vehicles, aerial.
both of these will solve the spawn travelling problem, it does get boring. 1 is a smaller map, another is a large map but you spawn closer to relevant battles.
Personally i would love them to implement this system. A real war mode would be amazing. Thanks for giving such a great idea.
Thanks for the approvals guys, I think we should get the dev's attention to this idea, cause it'll be a real innovation in war games.

hyperiu, some good ideas there. Your massive war map with motherships is pretty much the idea I have in mind (+ no set capture points for dynamic warfare (but player made bases can act as capture points), possibly more space vessels, and no set goal for having to destroy/slow down the mothership, but that is a strategy players can take)

And yes, an incap/revive system would be pretty good as well. It would add more importance to the medic/support class.