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SUGGESTION: Steam Market Integration
Hello all,

After getting back into games like CS:GO and Unturned (where you can unlock items and buy/trade/sell items in the Steam Marketplace), I thought it would be pretty cool if Galaxy In Turmoil would have a Steam Market to buy/sell/trade items.

Items that could possibly go onto the Market include gun skins, loot crates (if the game will ever implement those), & other cosmetics.

I love unlocking items and showing them off on my profile (and I believe many other people do) and I think if GiT could implement a Steam Marketplace system, it would make the game (IMO) more fun and have another type of objective of the game.

Would love to hear feedback on the idea. Thanks guys! Big Grin
I think that's a great idea. Loot crates should be included to add an interesting twist to the game.
I don't think it would hurt.