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[Discuss] - GiT Dev Blog #1
In our first video development blog for Galaxy in Turmoil, we talk about how a vague idea can go on to become a fully fledged 3D model.
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sweet! thanks!
It's really great to see this, I always wanted you guys to showcase more of the game and it seems my wish was granted! Thank you!!!
I really enjoyed this. I like seeing the modeling and development processes.
Maybe next time you can go into of actually getting the game started, such as business/money wise.
Manners Maketh Man
is there going to be another development blog soon?
I've never been one for giving ETAs. But you can rest assured that when the time is right we'll drop one.
there is only 1 month left till the end of q3 and there is no new updates about the game. So i am kind of worried. Keep up the good work
you should make another one of these soon
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A making of demo one [Image: thinking-face_1f914.png]
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