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Still Star Wars?
Wait, is this game not star wars anymore? I thought you just removed star wars from the title and removed the licensing with LucasArts and all those companies, so that you can proceed to make the game being star wars based. I mean I'm perfectly fine with it not being star wars, I'm just confused atm because I'm new here.
Yeah it's not Star Wars
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(04-26-2017, 03:40 PM)mrpood Wrote: Yeah it's not Star Wars

Ok, thanks for the heads up. Smile
Yep they had to create a new universe to base the game in.
I look to it more as a better thing actually, no strings are tied here. They can design all they want.
Eventhough it's not star wars, it still has the potential to be an amazing game.
it is possibly better that it isn't star wars, no limits
Full creative freedom is indeed something to be excited about!
I am sort of glad they didn't go down the Battlefront 3 route. They are not limted to what they want to create. And probably could have ran into a lot of copyright issues further down the line. I think it was EA that stopped them from doing it. As they are creating their own BF games. But with doing it this way they are free to do whatever they choose to do for the game.