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Rebind Keys
As unexciting this question is, would we be able to rebind certain keys? Such as Mouse 4-x? Using RMB to throw grenades and middle click to zoom?(Kind of like classic Battlefront 2)

I've been following this game since it's birth, but had forgotten and unfortunately never contributed to the forums. If this was answered further back on the threads, and this gets deleted I'll know to browse and it has been answered.
I don't think it has been answered before but I'm not sure myself, but I do know that the forum managers rarely delete new threads so your safe for now
I hope we can rebind them, just in case I don't like the keybinding
I've got 3 extra button on my mouse that I like to bind actions to for when playing games. So consider me as another +1 for rebindable inputs!
Wouldn't be PC gaming without keybinding ;-)
Every PC game should have the ability to change keybinds. So many games I have played that does not let you. It can be a gamebreaker for me. Depending on what the defaults are. Some game keybinds I have seen looked like they were permanently implemented by someone who had never played a game, using mouse and keyboard.