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Star Wars Mods
How many of you would download Star Wars mods for Galaxy In Turmoil? I would definitely try some out.

(Star Wars mods would be allowed since it is User Generated Content and if Disney dislikes it, they can go after the mod dev rather than Frontwire Studios)
Absolutely I would use them in a heartbeat.
I might not
Any particular reason why?
If its made real shitty
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(04-03-2017, 10:49 PM)mrpood Wrote: If its made real shitty

True they need to be at a somewhat high quality

And @Sarngond , any reason to why not?
I've never tried them. i don't know?
Mods in my experience are either really good or absolute garbage, hopefully there could be some way to let the community know which mods work well, and don't conflict with others. Maybe a Mod section on the Forums?
I pretty sure they did encourage us to make mods for the game. Which is cool because it shows how much they are invested into the community.
I like dis fox.