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Titanfall 2
Arguably my favourite (and most underrated) game of the year and I've been playing it more than Overwatch.

Curious if there are any other players on here. I play on PC myself but console players are more than welcome to share their experiences.

I'm currently gen 8.25 and all my gear is gen 2 or higher (a personal challenge, stupid SMR).

R-97 and Alternator are some of my best guns for kicking ass but almost all weapons are great fun, like the EPG. I switch pilot abilities very often but usually Stim, Phase Shift or Pulse Blade.

Oh I run amped weapons + B3 Wingman Revolver because that's a 1 hit body shot. Amazingly cheese!

What levels are you guys and what's your favourite loadout? Any epic moments?

Really curious if there are other people here that fell in love with Titanfall 2 the way I did. Oh, and free DLC on the 30th of March!

See you on the Frontier, pilot!
G2 here, quickly levelling up. My favorite weapons are the EVA-8, EPG and Mozambest, with my reliably-killing-but-i-don't-always-use-them-because-they're-boring weapons being the CAR and when I want to cheese, the R-97.

Tactical-wise I just can't give up on the grapple. It helps with escaping titans by literally spinning around them in circles as well as approaching windows from shallow angles and grappling the top trim to zip inside, especially useful to get to a bank in Bounty Hunt.

One of my more epic moments was when I stole a battery from an enemy titan, filled my own titan meter, called my titan on top of that titan, went off to steal ANOTHER battery from an enemy titan and quickly GTFO'd to my own titan with the aid of my lovely grapple. I died anyway. Then got shot out of the air by a Tone from across the map while I was ejecting.

Also, if you use A-Wall and Devotion combined, you need to seriously off yourself.
I love Titanfall 2! I play it on Xbox but on quite a low level since I don't play as much. Whenever I do play though I get addicted and have so much fun.
We actually have Oirazan (Lead Sound Designer). He worked on Titanfall 2 I believe.
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^ That's right!
I agree, titanfall 2 was a very underrated game, and respawn actually listened to the feedback from titanfall 1 such as adding a campaign, adding more titans etc, wish more game companys were like this.
New DLC coming today, hype!
I love Titanfall 2. I have been trying to regen all my weapons and titans so i'm not good at any specific weapon. I also play PC (maybe start a Frontwire Studios network?)
That's a dope idea but I don't think we have enough concurrent players to make it worthwhile.
Anyhow, the new update is quite large and I'm slightly saddened by the fact that the max level is now 10 times as high as it was before (and thus, I am no longer on top).

Nevertheless, Respawn is bae for free DLC <3