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Weather System?
There will be night time maps or even weather system? I really like how it can change the game!
As it stands it's a bit too early for us to tell!

Personally, I like the idea
I think having a weather system is a really good idea. I just hope it only on some of the maps because sometime when the weather changes it gets distracting, at least for me.
Distracting people is the point makes gameplay vary
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ok I guess I can see that. Just don't make weather for all the maps please, if at all.
If it happens, it will probably be something server owners will be able to tweak. If GiT ever enters a competitive scene, the last thing you need is random clutter. It's why CS:GO removed the fog on de_dust2.

I'm all for some weather though. Always thought rain/snow/storm was awesome and immersive!

Maybe even some exotic types of storm because of a planet's atmosphere?
Random weather in singleplayer is a good idea , but i'm not sure in multiplayer
Hello there 
Indoor weather doesn't make sense, so it won't be on everywhere I guess (though other neat features might be there indoor :0)

Outdoor, I really like the idea, but it only makes sense in combination with the destructible environments that I once saw a gif about, because otherwise stuff like rain wouldn't have an effect on anything. I mean, make the ground a bit slippy, wash away smaller stuff or so
Unless you blow the water main kek
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making stuff slippery and foggy would really ad to single player, but in multiplayer it would get highly annoying.