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Platoon/Clan/Factions System
Sounds great
(03-24-2017, 05:05 PM)Argyy Wrote: I haven't really seen much about this, but I wanted to bring up something like this.
Allow users to create a faction/clan like system which will allow players to be recruited by a leader.
You will be able to join your teammates and join their squad or however, GiT does their voice system.

I like the idea.
Similiar to Planetside 2's "Outfit", Platoons and squads thingy.

Wink naice
My GiT opinion?

*Click sound*

Yes, factions, squads etc. Is good. I like how Planetside 2 do it. I think for something that big (that is if this game is aiming to have a very high player count on servers) I think this is a must.