Poll: How about it? Should there be a System?
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Sounds Awesome!
14 87.50%
Nah, it's stupid.
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Platoon/Clan/Factions System
so, do the poll results mean that definitely gonna happen?
no, its just to see how much of the community wants it. If the devs say something about it or if the poll becomes huge then it might, but its just a poll someone made. but the devs do listen to the community's ideas! Smile
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
I think it would be cool, even if it's as simple as just typing in a clan tag for yourself, like in Battlefield 4.

Ideally it could be like Titanfall 2, where you can create groups (I've forgot what they're called) and add people to them, which gives you a clan tag in-game. Sort of like mini-communities. This would be perfect for any large communities that have people who want to play the game, as well as groups of friends who want to have a unique identifier.

If you really wanted to go all out, you could have a clan ladder/ranking system, which is a lot more work obviously.
What if you have no friends
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(03-29-2017, 02:59 PM)mrpood Wrote: What if you have no friends

That's what bots are for Tongue
Good thing I am almost one myself
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hope clans get made as a function
Just wait and see Sarngond just wait and see
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I will!
A clan system would be cool