Poll: How about it? Should there be a System?
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Sounds Awesome!
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Nah, it's stupid.
2 12.50%
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Platoon/Clan/Factions System
I added a poll.
maybe there could be special clan quests
thats a good idea
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
How do we vote on the poll?
I'll be honest. We have some stuff in store that you might like. We've tossed around the idea regarding clans in-game on and off recently. It's something we want to do, however it's not something we have planned for the demo in Q3.

EDIT: Don't forget, you'll have the Steam/PSN friends list. So you can play together that way too.
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I'll just toss my few cents in too.

Imo stuff like playing with your friends is needed for any game, especially multiplayer ones (except, very good singleplayer games). I cannot say in what way you will be able to play with friends, but lacking such a feature would be really really bad (but I can tell you, we have something very cool planned)
Thanks, I really like when games have an easy way of playing with friends

(03-24-2017, 06:20 PM)Sarngond Wrote: How do we vote on the poll?

found out how to vote. That was a stupid question
Awesome! cant wait to see what you have planned! I cannot wait for that demo to be out. I'm probably going to play MANY MANY hours on it Big Grin
Can't wait for GiT Big Grin Tongue
A factions/clans system could definitely work in this game, only if it is executed correctly and works well in game.
Hope it works out!