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About this section
Big Grin 
If you're reading this thread, then you've obviously stumbled upon our Super Secret VIP Only Section. I'm sure you're wondering what is inside. Well, if you want to find out, keep reading. Big Grin

So, what is it?
In an effort to start rebuilding our forum and boost forum activity, we have created a new Forum VIP role. This role will be given to people who are active on our forum and meet certain criteria. When you obtain this role, you will get access to a hidden forum inside of the Super Secret VIP Only Section. Inside of this forum, you will find a land full of magical VIP-only stuff. We'll be posting Forum VIP exclusive content such as gameplay videos & images, exclusive staff AMA's and more! You'll even get access to a special VIP alpha test session where you will get to test a build of GiT with the Community Team! In addition, you will also get a super special Forum VIP rank (pictured below).
[Image: Fzj9WJI.jpg]
As a bonus, we will also be looking to tap into the VIP group for Forum Moderators as our community grows.

Alright, so I get what it is. I want in!
Well, you can't. At least not without some work! In order to obtain the Forum VIP role, you need to meet a few criteria. These are:

  1. Your account must be in good standing (Not banned, no recent forum warnings)
  2. You must have 100 forum posts. However they must be actual contributions to the community. Forum posts that will NOT be counted are:
    •Spam posts
    •Posts in forum games

  3. You must remain active after obtaining the role. Inactive accounts will be removed from the role. This means you should be posting and engaging with the community on a regular basis.
If you meet the above criteria, then head over to and open a ticket to our Community Support department. Be sure to include the following information:
  • Your forum/account system username
  • The email address registered to your account

Note: We will be stopping entry into this super secret club in the future as our forum community continues to grow. While current VIP members will keep their rank and access at that time, we will not allow any new members. So you need to start posting ASAP to ensure you can become part of the VIP crew!


  • I have the VIP role on Discord. Can I get the VIP role on the forums too?
    The Discord VIP role and the Forum VIP role are totally separate and non-transferrable. Each role has its own requirements that need to be met that are specific to that community.

  • Can I buy my way into the VIP program?
    Nope! We will never, EVER, charge you for access to a community program.

  • said Alpha test, does that mean I am part of the regular Alpha tests?
    Not exactly. Although you are technically an Alpha tester, you are not part of the main alpha tests. People with the Alpha Tester role have been accepted into a totally different program. These people are testing on a regular basis. VIP's will have one guaranteed test and may be offered more in the future, however it will not be on a regular basis.

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