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Section Information
This forum is to be used for:
  • Discussing other games
    • General discussions regarding all games, not concerning Frontwire/GiT
    • Posting announcements, game releases, feature discussions etc
  • Providing helpful hints/tips/strategies for games
    • Posting tutorials, your own set-ups of equipment/players/characters etc
  • Asking for support
    • Need of help/advice from being stuck on certain levels
    • How to get the game working, modding, expansion packs etc
  • Showing off creations or general screenshots/videos of playing the game
    • Showing the community what you have achieved in the game

The following is FORBIDDEN in this forum and will result in either a forum warning or ban. You have been warned:

1. Common Courtesy
  • No harassment, bullying or trolling, this includes but is not limited to: racism, discrimination, sectarianism and homophobia. No posting of copyrighted material such as games and movies. No doxing. No inappropriate videos or images on the forum, this applies to your posts, signatures and avatars. Use the search function before posting questions. English posts only — for foreign languages, use the appropriate section. No spamming. No hijacking or derailing of threads. Do not advertise other servers or the sale of real life goods.
Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on severity.
  • Advertising other games
    • No direct or indirect advertising to other games, even if they are your own. This forum is about the GAME and not where to play it. If you want to play with other players somewhere then you do this privately.
  • Advertising clans/groups or recruiting players
    • Once again, this forum is about the GAME and not who to play it with. Do not recruit for other players to join your clans/groups. If you wish to play with someone or have someone join you in playing, then do this privately (i.e. PM) and not on the public forum
  • Encouraging warez or providing links to download pirated games
    • We do not encourage piracy of games and we do not provide links on how to do this
  • Selling or trading of accounts, mods, goods, items or services
    • This mainly applies to MMORPGs but you are not allowed to sell any accounts, items, mods etc of any game here, or advertise places where any of the above can be achieved
  • Posting of referral links for personal gain
    • Simply put, do not post links to purchase games/items if you are going to be making a personal gain, monetary or otherwise. This also applies to any pay per click sites such as
  • No posting of online betting
    • Goes both for betting on real life sports or online gaming
  • No posting of game spoilers without indicating them before hand.
    • This goes for all games, and it's required to be spoiler'd. Punishment varies depending on the spoiler.
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