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So... new forum.
There are a lot more features than the last one and since we have over 9000 users we needed something more.
👍mrpood likes this👍
the darker tones are welcome yeah
doesn't gauge my eyes out every time i want to look at anything
Agreed the darker tones are good, background looks pretty good.
Manners Maketh Man
Thanks for the input. Yes, the old forum was somewhat sleekier, but as pood already stated, we are growing and I had a long discussion with Fergie about it, but we decided that we needed some more traditional forum. I personally liked the idea of the old forum, but it just doesn't fit a large community as we are.
Perhaps it can be worked on more and made smoother as time progresses. However the forums aren't very active to be quite honest with you.
Manners Maketh Man
Just bother GUENSTIG_WERBEN he's the web guy.
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I talked to him, he simply just doesn't have the time, apparently it's not his only job.
Manners Maketh Man
Yeah he does a bunch of stuffs think he's working on discord integration right now
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Well, what if you were *cough* banned from the discord *Cough* does that mean you can't play games with the community?
Manners Maketh Man
You could play probably just not use the discord talking feature
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