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Galaxy in Turmoil - Kertlund - 01-09-2018

title , is the game dead or why has the demo not been released , it was said its gonna release 2017 even the game page says it would , what is going on ????????????????????

RE: Galaxy in Turmoil - mrpood - 01-09-2018

RE: Galaxy in Turmoil - Kertlund - 01-09-2018

ive watched that , thats the video where that guy just spits some lies example 5:19

RE: Galaxy in Turmoil - Freedomforclones - 01-09-2018

It will come around man, just be patient. Frontwire is doing the best they can to finish the game. Its hard making a game, especially when you dont have a massive dev team or budget. Frontwire is doing this in their spare time as a community we can just support them and have patience.