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Full Version: Lets make a Story
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Alright another thing I see on other websites.
We created a story, and we'll base this on about anything.
It has to follow the rules of the community and you cannot post twice in a row.
You cannot make it too long, but it can be as short as you want and cannot end.

Since i'm the first person on this post I guess i'll start.

a Wookie and Admiral Ackbar walk into a cantina...
they see their friend an Ithorian
who proposes to the Wookie just as a...
mandalorian walks in and says, "Thats my wife!"
@mrpood#1624 and Admiral Ackbar exclaims...
"It's a trap!"
@mrpood#1628 ...is also yelled by the bartender, who planned a trap within a trap to get revenge on the Mandalorian and wookie for when they...
shot a rodian and never paid for the damage